FAQ - Boats & Kayaks

Boats & Kayaks

Q: How do you suggest I fold up my Inflatable Boat or Kayak?
A: Release the valve, and as air is coming out we suggest folding into thirds - Starboard side to center, & then Port side to center. Once this is done, begin folding from the bow to the stern.

Q: Can I leave my Boat or Kayak inflated?
A: Yes, you can leave any of our items inflated when not using. We simply recommend to store them somewhere covered so it isn’t in the sun for a long period of time.
Q: How many chambers do the Kayaks have?
A: Durango, Flare 1, Flare 2: 3 Chambers. One on the floor, and one per each pontoon.
A: Rogue: 7 Total - 3 Chamber Design (1 Floor, 2 Pontoons) + 2 Inflatable Seats and front and rear Spray Covers.
Q: How many air chambers are in the Outdoorsman Inflatable Fishing Boat?
A: 5 Air chambers, including the 2 seats. 
Q: How many air chambers in the Sportster boats?
A: 21265: 3 Chambers
A: 23310: 5 including Keel
Q: What is the diameter of the side tubes on the kayaks?
A: Approximately 9.5"
Q: What is the diameter on the side tubes of the Sportster Boats?
A: Approximately 16”
Q: How do I clean my boat or kayak?
A: We recommend washing with fresh water after use. Any basic cleaning solution can clean our items. For scuffs on SUPs, Kayaks, Boats and Docks we recommend “Magic Eraser.”
Q: What class rapids are your kayaks rated for?
A: The Durango, Flare 1, and Flare 2 are rated for class III rapids. The Rogue is rated for class I.
Q: What are the internal seat area dimensions of the Durango Kayak - Model 29635?
A: Interior width is approximately 17", however the side pontoons will flex outward a bit when in use, allowing for about 18" total.  

Q: How long does it take to inflate the Durango Kayak?
A: 9-10 minutes with a hand pump & 5-7 minutes with an electric pump
Q: Do you ship internationally from the website?
A: Unfortunately at this time, we are only shipping orders placed within the US.

Q: How do I secure the valve on my inflatable Kayak?
A: Our valves are constructed with 2 pieces and we suggest you loosen first to make sure the material is clean and free from debris that would prevent a tight seal. The tightening of the valve depends on the type of kayak.
  • Durango (Model 29635): Tighten the two piece valve with a tight grip by hand
  • Flare (Model 29615): Tighten the two piece valve with the wrench that is included in the repair kit.