FAQ - Docks & Platforms

Docks & Platforms

Q: How many air chambers do the Docks have?
A: 1 Chamber
Q: Can I leave my Dock inflated & outside?
A: Yes, you can leave any of our items inflated when not using. We simply recommend to store them somewhere covered so it isn’t in the sun for a long period of time. If you'd like to leave it outside, simply make sure you have it tied off correctly & like anything, when left in the water, it may develop growth. Stay on top of it and give it a quick clean every now and then to prevent heavy growth. 

Q: Why is there a bulge on the underside of my Paddlboard, Dock or Platform ?

A: The bulge/bubble that appears on the underside/bottom of the Pup Plank, our inflatable paddleboards and inflatable docks is not a defect. The material which these inflatable SUPs are made of is called ‘high pressure inflatable drop stitch flooring’. In this material there are hundreds of thousands of strands which connect the top to the bottom. These strands must be cut on a small section of the top in order to install the two-part Halkey Roberts (HR) valve found on your paddleboard, dock, or Pup Plank. 

Therefore, the slight bulge on the underside is a result of there not being threads connecting the top to the bottom in that one location.

Q: Can I leave my dock in the water for long periods of time?
A: Yes you can. Like anything in the water, it may see some growth over time. Simply take it out occasionally and clean the bottom.
Q: What PSI should I inflate my dock to?
A: 10-13 PSI
Q: How do I clean my Dock?
A: We recommend washing with fresh water after use. Any basic cleaning solution can clean our items. For scuffs on SUPs, Kayaks, and Docks we recommend “Magic Eraser.”

Q: What do I do if there is air leaking from the main valve?
A: We recommend tightening or reseting the valve using the provided valve wrench in the orange repair kit case. To reset the valve, first make sure the board is dry & free from debris. Then unscrew the valve completely to make sure it is aligned & centered. In order to remove the male portion of valve, the board must be fully deflated.  The board needs to be manipulated so that the female portion of the valve (the part that is inside the board) can be held fast; while the valve wrench is used to unscrew the male portion of the valve (the part that is outside the board).

Q: Can I tie my boat to it?
A: You can, but it is not the items intended use, therefore we only recommend tying it temporarily & not overnight without people nearby. The D-Ring tying points are strong but could rip with a boat tied to it in strong winds or rough waters.

Q: What is the difference between all of your pumps and which ones are best used to inflate my dock?
A: We have two high pressure pumps that can inflate your dock!
  1. Digital HPI Pump (Item 19177): Plugs into your cigarette lighter adaptor
  2. 12 Volt High Pressure Pump (Item 19175): Alligator clip attachment for car or boat battery. Can also be attached to our battery pack (Item 19176)

**Please note High pressure pumps get to the appropriate pressure, but at a slow & steady rate.** 

Q: What is the proper rechargeable or cordless equipment/adapter needed to inflate/deflate the docks most efficiently?
A: The valve on our docks is called a Halkey Roberts or HR valve, so any HR valve adaptor should work. All of our high volume air pumps (Item #'s 19000AC, 19150, 19200) can assist to inflate the docks 90%, & then need our high pressure pumps ( Item #'s 19175, 19176, 19177) to top it off to 12PSI or can also be done manually

Q: Can the Pup Plank be attached to a boat or pontoon? 
A: Each pup plank has 2 d-rings and is supplied with 2 x 8’ lines for attaching the pup plank to your boat. Depending on the size of your boat, you might need a longer line to loop around the pontoon and back to the d-ring.

Q: What is the height limit from the boat to the water for the Pup Plank?
A:   This is dependent on the size of the dog – a larger dog can make a larger gap from the plank – usually to a swim platform to board the boat.

Q: Can I leave my dock/platform in the pool?
A:   All of our Solstice items are UV resistant PVC, so technically they can be left in the water, but with our quick & easy inflate/deflate, we recommend storing our items out of the water. If you are keeping the item in the water, we suggest hosing the dock/platform off every 2-3 weeks.