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FAQ - SeaPen

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Q: How does the SeaPen keep my boat dry? 
A: The SeaPen is a revolutionary dry docking system. Simply put, we do not take your boat out of the water, yet we take the water away from your boat. The SeaPen features a special polymer skin that isolates your boat from the surrounding water. Our patented Rope Mesh technology creates an air space all the way around the hull and running gear of your boat. The automated pump system will pump water out of SeaPen until dry, and will turn on ant time water is detected. Yes, your boat is dry and free of water when dry-docked in a Sea Pen.
Q: How does the rope hold up the boat?  
A: When your boat is in a SeaPen, it is still floating at water level, the rope matting and skin creates a barrier between the water and your hull. The rope and skin liner are not lifting your boat out of the water, which is why the SeaPen has no weight limit.
Q: Will the SeaPen generate marine growth?
A: The HDPI Frame will get growth similar to your floating dock. This is okay because it is stationary, & the only moving part is the hinge for the rear gate. The skin underneath the rope matting is made out of a special polymer material. The low energy surface does not allow the glue of the barnacles to latch on. 
Q: How can I clean the SeaPen?
A: It can be cleaned in the water with a pressure washer or a brush.
Q: How do I tie the SeaPen to my dock & How do I tie my boat up?
A: The SeaPen simply ties up the same way you would tie your boat up. With fixed docks, bulkhead or seawalls, we would implement a sliding tie up system so the unit can move up and down with the tide.
Q: What kind of power does the SeaPen require?
A: The SeaPen requires basic 110V grounded power outlet.
Q: How much water depth do I need?
A: As long as the SeaPen is not sitting on rocks or hard objects, the SeaPen can sit on the bottom. To get your boat out we only need enough water for your boat to float - in most cases it’s one to three feet.
Q: What kind of wave action can it hold up to,  or “How does it hold up in rough water?”
A: The SeaPen can be used in a normal marine environment. It can withstand boat wakes, normal storms and wave action. Please speak to our SeaPen expert team to make sure the SeaPen will work in your specific climate condition.
Q: What size boat can go into a SeaPen?
A: Currently in the United States, we are accommodating boats from 18-65 feet. In Australia they have accommodated boats up to 110 feet.
Q: What will happen to my SeaPen when it rains? 
A: Rain water will activate the automated pump system and will be pumped out.
Q: Can I walk on the SeaPen frame?
A: Yes, the SeaPen frame is walkable and has been designed to support your weight. It also allows you to have 360degree access to your boat.
Q: Where are the SeaPens made?
A: The SeaPens are made in Australia. They have been producing them for 15 years.
Q: Why will my HOA or Marina allow a SeaPen if they won’t allow a lift?
A: In our experience the answer has been yes. Lifts are usually not allowed for numerous reasons - They block views and are unsightly, lifting the boat changes the stress load on the docks, liability of lifting the boat, and special electrical requirements. The SeaPen eliminates all of theses issues. We are happy to work with you to obtain your HOA or Marinas approval!
Q: How do I get on and off my boat from the SeaPen?
A: The same way you would if it’s tied to your floating dock. Depending on the size and brand of boat, you can step from the deck, gunwale, or swim platform onto your dock. You can also step onto the SeaPen frame first.
Q: What is the green rope system and what does it do?
A: The SeaPens' patented rope mesh is crucial to the dry-docking process. It's primary functions are... 
1. It creates an air gap between the hull of the boat and the skin of the Sea Pen – the crucial ventilation stage in the dry-docking process.
2. It protects the SeaPen outer skin.
It’s the only dry-docking system in the world to feature a drainage and ventilation system.
Q: Will my props & running gear rip the skin/rope matting? 
A: Nope! When the boat is entering and exiting the SeaPen it is floating on water, not dragging on the SeaPen.
Q: Does the SeaPen have a weight limit?
A: The SeaPen has NO weight limit. When your boat is in a SeaPen, it is still floating at water level, but with the barrier in between the water and your hull.
Q: Fresh water vs. Salt water?
 A: The SeaPen will work in both fresh and salt water.
Q: How can I flush my motors in a SeaPen?
A: Flushing your motors is easy in a Sea Pen; you can either attach a flushing attachment or better yet, you can fill the SeaPen with fresh water until it’s above the motor intakes and then simply idle the motor in neutral. This is an added benefit for jet boats.

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