FAQ - Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand Up Paddleboards 

Q: How do I inflate my Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)?

Q: What is the difference between all of your pumps and which ones are best used to inflate my Stand Up Paddleboard?
A: We have two high pressure pumps that can inflate your SUP!
  1. Digital HPI Pump (Item 19177): Plugs into your cigarette lighter adaptor
  2. 12 Volt High Pressure Pump (Item 19175): Alligator clip attachment for car or boat battery. Can also be attached to our battery pack (Item 19176)

**Please note High pressure pumps get to the appropriate pressure, but at a slow & steady rate.** 

Q: Do the Inflatable SUPs have a one-way valve?
A: The HR valve has a center pin that can locks up so air can only flow in for inflation. When deflating, simply push the pin down and turn a quarter turn to lock the pin in its down position. This allows it to become a one-way valve.

Q: Why is there a bulge on the underside of my Paddlboard, Dock or Platform ?

A: The bulge/bubble that appears on the underside/bottom of the Pup Plank, our inflatable paddleboards and inflatable docks is not a defect. The material which these inflatable SUPs are made of is called ‘high pressure inflatable drop stitch flooring’. In this material there are hundreds of thousands of strands which connect the top to the bottom. These strands must be cut on a small section of the top in order to install the two-part Halkey Roberts (HR) valve found on your paddleboard, dock, or Pup Plank. 

Therefore, the slight bulge on the underside is a result of there not being threads connecting the top to the bottom in that one location.

Q: How many air chambers do the SUPs have?
A: 1 Chamber
Q: What PSI should I inflate my SUP to?
A: 13-15 PSI
Q: How do you suggest I fold up my SUP?
A: First, lock the valve center pin in the down position (see above), then simply start at the nose (front) of the board, roll and push. Use the strap to secure the board, and place in bag.
Q: Can I leave my SUP inflated?
A: Yes, you can leave any of our items inflated when not using. We simply recommend to store them somewhere covered so it isn’t in the sun for a long period of time.
Q: How do I clean my SUP?
A: We recommend washing with fresh water after use. Any basic cleaning solution can clean our items. For scuffs on SUPs, Kayaks, and Docks we recommend “Magic Eraser.”

Q: Can I replace the camera mount on my SUP?
A: You sure can! This is item 35011 in our catalog. Float an email over to Support@swimlinecorp.com to advise how to purchase.