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FAQ - Swimline Inflatables & Games

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Swimline - Inflatables & Games

Q: What are the weight restrictions for your inflatable products?
A: Our average size float can hold a full size adult weighing up to 200lbs. Please refer to the age restriction on the box for further guidance. If the float is meant for infants, please restrict use to that age specification.

Q: How do I know if I am purchasing the correct part/item?
A: Please consult your local pool dealer, installer, or send an email over to We will guide you in the right direction!

Q: I ordered your product from a 3rd party and it was missing parts and/or it included incorrect parts. How do I fix this?
A: Please return/exchange your product from the original point of purchase. We cannot fulfill these requests directly unless purchased from our site. 

Q: Are you able to look up my information in your system on an item purchased through a 3rd party provider?
A: Unfortunately we are only the manufacturer and do not keep a file of our 3rd party provider records. We only have your information if you've purchased an item directly from our site. 

Q: Do you ship internationally from the website?
A: Unfortunately at this time, we are only shipping orders placed within the US. 

Q: How do I inflate and/or deflate my Swimline float/ball/mattress/ring/island/toy/etc.?
A: Most Swimline items utilize standard compression valves. These come in several sizes & many items will have more than one valve. Click here for Instructions on how to inflate/deflate!

Q: How do I inflate my fabric covered float, island, tube?  Where is the valve on my float, island, tube? Where is the valve on my fabric covered float, island, tube?  
A: All fabric covered floats have access panels that are closed with a zipper or velcro.  The valves on these items are located within the closures. You may need to rummage around a little, but they are there.  Click the above Item # to for full instructions! 

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